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Yoga and Pilates

Support your body and your baby through movement in the form of Pilates and Yoga to strengthen and stretch your muscles and joints

Antenatal Education

When should you go to hospital? What does labor feel like? What foods must I avoid in pregnancy? All these questions and more are covered in our easy to watch material

Forums - ask the experts

Do you have a question that needs a professional answer? Sick of looking at online forums with no medical backing? On our forums your questions will be answered by our team of qualified experts

Post natal education

How do I wash my baby?How do I breastfeed?When can I have sex? When should I go to the GP? All these content and more is answered by our experts in the comfort of your own home

Expert Masterclass

Regular sessions online with our experts - post your questions and get to listen to other parents questions 

Mental Health

Support your mental and emotional health through our online sessions with a psychologist and our mindfulness recordings

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