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Welcome to MummyHealth

You can watch our Pregnant in A Pandemic Webinar from Monday 1st Feb bellow.

Pregnant in a Pandemic

Pregnant in a Pandemic

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Getting Started

Welcome to MummyHealth. Now where to start?

Sign up to one off payment (partly or fully covered by most health insurers) or a monthly subscription

The Fundamentals section will help you connect with your pelvic floor and breathing in order to help with your labour when the time comes as well as introduce you to self care.

Our antenatal classes will allow you to access Expert Medical and Healthcare educational content straight into the comfort of your own home - simply pick whichever section interests you the most and go from there.

Our postnatal classes can be watched before you have your baby or afterwards, sometimes it can be nice to do both and watch it with your partner so that they can understand what to expect when the baby is born.

If you are more interested in Exercise - access our Antenatal Yoga and Pilates to get your body moving, keep your body strong, look after your mental health and reduce your risk of back pain / pelvic girdle pain. New Classes added every week.

If you want to share some Mummy tips or want to talk to other Mums to be or new Mums head over to the Private Facebook group to connect and share your journey.

If you have any questions that you would like answered by a medical or healthcare professional you can head over to the forums and post them directly to the MummyHealth experts who will get back to you in 24 hours. It like having access to Private Medical care at a fraction of the cost of a Consultant session. Head over to OUR EXPERTS page for more information.


Once your new baby has arrived we also have Post-Natal return to exercises program to help get you back to your best.

Here at MummyHealth we want to all all women to have access to expert Medical Experts when and where they want.  

What is Mummy Health

What is Mummy Health

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